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Reviews for "Sheindlin's Reign"


that was fucking awesome!!!! please make more!!! HAHAHAHAHAAA

Fuckin cool

I believe that the best part was when the old dude had a seziure (I can't spell). It was really funny. Judge Judy should die next.

Oh my god...

Nothing in life has ever been as funny as this. First I pissed my self, then I choked laughing, and right at the end I think I shit my self.. Damn greatest movie ever made. And it didn't get any awards! That's bull shit! You are the greatest genius of all time! If I didn't know it took you 4 years to make this one I'd ask for another one soon :D

omg that was the funnyest thing

i just watched this and it was fucking hillarious i couldnt stop laughing. I love this flash you need to make alot more like it good work!


That wazs the funniest shit ive seen all day. 10s and fives, 10s and fives.