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Reviews for "Sheindlin's Reign"


Now that's nice comedy. laughed my ass off the whole time. keep it up.



Glad someone made fun of tha ridiculous show! Grats :D

That bitch is crazy!

It started off slow but this is some funny shit!

i nearly passed out

somewhere during the fat black lady and Robocop machine, i laughed so hard that i saw stars and fell out of my chair. i'm going to have to watch it again now. omg. you are a fucking god of comedic timing. i've flipped past Judy's show before, and this is a fantastic parody. you're getting a five from me for every day i log in into the forseeable future.


This is the best Judge Judy episode I've ever seen. Enough said.

Just a little technical oversight: Arby's doesn't have burgers.