Reviews for "Sheindlin's Reign"


Oh thats too cool. best part was " Your honor where┬┤s the bathro..." BAM. Oooh...good times.

Now THAT's crude violence and gore!

Let the little pencilneck clown and bunny animators learn a little something about CRAZED POINTLESS MAYHEM. You need help, but nice work.

I voted you two guys a 4. Thanks for keeping it simple!


lol LMFAO fucking tron robot LOL so fucking funny sucked at first though keep it up NICE BLOOD AND GORE


This once again proves you don't exactly need to the best graphics in the world to have a good flash!
You managed to use Judy's voice samples rather well in this flash, and I loved how it suddenly became really violent later on and the visual gags were awesome as well!

We need more flash like this in our lives!

omg lol

Dude that was so fucking funny, especially the part with the japanese girl "i have the papers right here!" *slice* lol.
Good job, great voices and sounds.
Good animation with the mouthes and stuff.
Fucking hilarious.
A lot of violence that had a purpose.
You should like post this on mad TV