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Reviews for "Sheindlin's Reign"


That is the funniest flash I have ever seen. Honestly. Yes. Funniest flash I have ever seen. I'm serious. Humor is through the roof. (It is really funny) Interactivity is average. Violence is through the roof. Sound is through the roof (because they put the sounds together so well for this one) Style is through the roof. (Really stylin). Graphics are average but they work well to suppliment the sounds and humor.

This should be #1 on the top 50 of ALL TIME. It might not even make it because the graphics arn't tip top. But this does deserve top 50. Lots of creativity. Lots of work put into it. My goodness this guy is funny, especially if you watch judge judy.

This is now my #1 favorite flash on my favorites list. It even takes over Hoy te amo ++ :( awww, that was my fav flash for a long time.

Fully-auto Judy

lmfao, don't disagree with Judge Judy or you WILL get it. This also make a good sitcom spin-off based on her and the mech who doesn't pay his baby mama's child support :P

You're the man

I liked your style with the photos of the people. It can be not so reallistic but It added some style to your movie. That train part was great. You're very funny please make more!:D

that was awsome!

Oh man that was freakin helarious.
This deserves a 5


omg that was just insane but made me burst out laughing!!! hahahahahaahaha pretty random too heh! amazingness