Reviews for "Sheindlin's Reign"


That was great, partially because the animation was dodgy! The spontaneous stuff cracked me up, and you did a good job in splicing the sound. Awesome work.

So good it hasta be fattening

Man i laughed my ass off,then i reattached my ass and laughed it off again.THAT is one of the funniest things i've seen in a while,kudos to you my friends.


That is easily the funniest thing I've ever seen on Newgrounds. I actually left a little turdie in my pants. I'll leave it in there as a tribute to this flick.

Soo random and funny

I think this was very original and random...i loved how it was filled with little jokes n stuff--i voted 5 YEAH!!!!!!thought its a shame the rating is around 3.7 this is hilarious!!!!1 ..You sir are a pirate and deserve a cookie.(Pirate>God>Peasant)


This was very poorly done and wasn't even that funny