Reviews for "[TMM43] Angel Eyes"

Best Remix

This is the best remix of Angel Eyes I've ever heard.

yes DJ Pinke is back :D

I loved so many of your songs....just like this one.
Sundance and techno rocker are the best songs you ever made. just wanted to tell you that. those 2 songs are the best. iTunes says i listened to those songs for more then 700 times lol. and that excludes how many times i listen it on the go with my iPhone.

On to this song:
Its pretty good, but not one of your best songs.
I like the vocals. Its not really a song to dance on, but more song to close your eyes with, and relax on.

I really hope you will make lots of more music this year. im a fan of yours.
And im not quickly fan of someone, and i certainly wont give out high review numbers quickly. this song is worth a 9 :)
Sundance and techno rocker also wont get a 10 of me....they would get a 11 :)


this is teh best remix of my favorite freakin song ever<3 nice work! i give you 10/10 and 5/5 jus cuz its awesome


its not a break-beat (to me)*,
but that is a nice sound right there.

* = no sudden stops on certain tracks leading/transitioning into others

loving this song...

The melody and vocals are ultimate. This should have been in the best of the week or something! I can't really find any fault with this song!