Reviews for "[TMM43] Angel Eyes"

Delicious, in a trancey-techno sort of way.

This is a brilliant remix of Lucky Star by Prima Donna. Keep up the mixing, you bloody good at it.

This song is definitely worth the 10/10 and 5/5 I'm going to give it.


Awesome, Your music is great, please continue your work :)

da da da daaa im lovin it

its not often you get vocals in a trance and the song is still GOOD
but this blew me the fuck away



I love it! :)

Duuude, or, chick... im not sure anymore... one time it sayd "female", one time it said "male"... im not even gonna check!

I LOVE it, your so right about the original breakbits and fills... i love every one of 'em ;)! And the pure essence of the song, maaan i absolutely love it. Happy, funky and aaawesome!!!

Keep rockin' it like this! Pl0o()xXx!!!

The reason for the nine is the wowie shit macpolesmokin' bass boost in this song, i think ma' ears are in for killing me right now. Seriously easy on the bass pump the next time o_O


Awesome, keep it up! ;)

Thank you for your time.

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