Reviews for "[TMM43] Angel Eyes"

Weiiz :D

Awesome :D Keep it up :)

*(I think Envy is a little bit jealous because somebody leaved her a review saying your music was better in a way then her music)


as usual! Keep up the awesome work!!!

The song was actually

Pretty bad. I wouldn't have uploaded it or even made it in the first place.

Really well worked

Ihave listned ithink most all of your songs so far ican most tell you this is really your best Mix so far. Atmosphere is very nice peaceful pad, Relaxing piano, Pumping beat A nice vocal trance track, Pro sounding Even thouth its abit overcompressed but its really well worked. Keep on rocking / TN 10/10 5/5


You really amazed me here. This is among the best things I have ever heard on newgrounds, self, among the best dance remixes in this world. Keep it up yo!