Reviews for "[TMM43] Angel Eyes"

Holy F***

This is Win. Dose anyonr have the lyrics.

Sounds like Holiday Techno!

Excellent! It just reminds me of Christmas!

(or maybe that;'s because I've equated songs like yours to the period from Black Friday [yeah, I work in retail part time with zines...] until Western New Year's Day and I've equated Christmastime to the end of all war, thanks to John Lennon's song War is Over, and thus I live with an eternal longing for an Infintie Christmas)

Nice music, and hope you remaster this in time for Christmas 2009! I'd like to use it in a podcast mixtape titled "Xmas Techno Party [XTP] 2009"!

Can I please have permission to use your music in my mixtape? Please reply.

Hell! whats this?!

"nanananana! BANG BANG BANG!!!!" Ooooff..
This is not wowing me at all!
-Envy is best-


Dude i really was looking for a nother remix and there you go , Keep up the good work.


nice work dude keep up the great work ;)