Reviews for "Beat up Backstreet Boys!"

DUDE why don't u like the backstreet boys?

jus kiddin. can't stand them. i don't think u hate them bad enough...where's the gun? no knife?...come on where's the torture...y don't they scream and cry like the little ::beep:: they are?! u could've done better with this, and once u get more options (so we can treat them like your al quida prisoner game)...get a little of their music, so the person playin can be reminded of why it feels SO right to kill...::cough:: i mean hurt them...heh heh


Good, but bad at the same time. The graphics were just real people, I can't even do that. But maybe you can make their voices understandable.

um, wow?

well, it wasn't bad, but could of been better. ill give it a 5/10 for effort


It was alright, but not very challenging.

its only cause he submitted it in 1999

back then u didnt have ur fancy games like we have now i remember this it was good at the time but now its not so good and keep going with pico hes a legend