Reviews for "Beat up Backstreet Boys!"


i keep on punching em and punching em, but they keep coming back! this is just like my nightmare, except in my nightmare they are trying to sodomize me! ahhhhhhh!

yes i loved kiling those puffs

that was great tom fulp carry on with the good work


I prefer this to beating Guantanamo prisioners...
Hilarious!!! :)


dude tom you are a genious you can do so much more better than that dude! any ways i kinda liked the job you did with their faces =)

Hmm should I say it

If I say something bad would I get kicked out of Newgrounds <Shiver> I hate boy bands as much as the next guy but I wouldnt really waste my time making a game that you click there faces and it twists and has red on it, PLEASE DONT KILL ME!!!