Reviews for "Beat up Backstreet Boys!"


this was so fun to play. i love it and it is great


nuf said


I found this flash a bit funny but it could have been better if you could hurt them more or even torture them, electricute them or shoot them in the balls or something, inflict as much pain as possible before killing them, not a bad game though.

DUDE why don't u like the backstreet boys?

jus kiddin. can't stand them. i don't think u hate them bad enough...where's the gun? no knife?...come on where's the torture...y don't they scream and cry like the little ::beep:: they are?! u could've done better with this, and once u get more options (so we can treat them like your al quida prisoner game)...get a little of their music, so the person playin can be reminded of why it feels SO right to kill...::cough:: i mean hurt them...heh heh

Not too great but it gave me a laugh!

The one where the guys head comes off made me laugh. The rest just...