Reviews for "Halo Armageddon"

Great movie dude.

It would have been even cooler, if you had made flash game out of it. Yeah, that would rock. Good movie though.

Jack-Mace responds:

i keep telling everybody this... i dont know how..yet..


your first flash? U are very good indeed.


That was great. They are two of my favourite games and that flash was really done in good worms style. That was the first worms flash i have seen and i loved it! keep up the good work

Great Work.

If you ask me.. It would have been so much better if you'd made use of the Needler.. That would have been just funny.. One of the little worms get stuck full of needles then explode off screen or down into the water.. Please make this into a game..

I <3 your Worms videos.

All of them are like the real games with the stragegy,platform and weapons it's really entertaining and fun to watch and there is always a custom to each of the videos whether it be Star Wars or Halo,excellent job and i hope you make another in the future.