Reviews for "Halo Armageddon"

Just plain GOOD

Nice, i liek the Speaking, they sound like Scottish and that XD anwyays 10/10, 100%, and 5 stars!

aaaawwwww yea i love it

this really good u should make a cod aniation

Good, but not amzing

Not sure why every one gives it a 10, its good but I was hoping that there would be some kind of a twist at the end but instead it was just your standard worms match with different skins and all. But it felt similar to the real game, so much so that I wanted to grab my mouse to move the camera (a part of me thought it was the real deal) good work.

Dude No Worries

It's Awesome Don't Thank Us

Loved it

U need to make a sequel. Also it would have been funnier if Master Chief prodded the Hunter off the edge.