Reviews for "Stage Fright"


so class; so lovely; won't gush excessivley this time.

Woah. art, no kidding.

Well this piece was refreshing, but unfortunately the NG majority will not apreciate this, (SALAD FINGERS, CLOCK CRU, LOCK LEGION)

Any higher art would be lost on someone who creates garbage like those listed above.
Yours however was very well done, the graphics were good, considering you were attempting to make it look like a silent movie.
That little girl is adorable, I dont know how you managed to do it but when she was sad I was a little sad too.
As for the rest of the story line I would much like to know what message or emotion you are attempting to express, but like most poetry and art only the creator knows the true meaning.

I gave you a ten for sound even though there was a significant lack on any audio of any kind, which is what you intended, thus, objective achieved. Your style is so refreshing, a fact I think I've made clear befor I think... anyway, thank you for your contribution to the NGs pool of resources, even if Clock Cru ect. are inhabitting the same space. Sorry, I really don't like those things, (GET VOICE ACTORS YOU HIPPIES!) Uhhhm...
Any way thank you and such, I hope to see more.


I Dont Trust That Monkey...


This girl has a very good talent. Talent shows alone are scary, stuck on stage with a crowd judging your every movement, that alone is the makings of nightmares. Just like the rest of the series, the art is very good and it creates deep thoughts.

Cupid killer returns?

the beauty of simplicity. this is more on the arty-farty side compared with the other Skary Childrin films, but it was gr8 none the less. although not sadistic like the others, i've a sneaking suspicion that i've seen that monkey before. it's no wonder she had stage fright :p a nice little nasty.