Reviews for "Stage Fright"


I love the style that you have, and to me, you've got some of the best work on newgrounds. It just suits me, to watch your stuff. Make more please. Pleeeaase?


I'm such a big fan of yours. Iep, moet gehoorzamen, maar niet echt dan...hm, k'zwijg wel

i love you and your buitifly sickening mind

mmm cheetoes


Brilliant. I especially liked whan she put her monkey and made it dance. Touche, Touche.

Nice Work

Beautiful combo of fear,anxiety and the trite background music!
Absolutely brilliant flash man,has a great meaning to it.
Amusing how many people completely missed the entire concept of the burning and fear.Fantastic work on your part,hope the masses understand them.

Recalling the silent films of old...this skary child has a CERTAIN WAY with her audience members. Be sure to watch! There's a quiz at the end....

The little girl really reminds me so much of Carrie, and the events that take place lead me to believe that just maybe Carrie was used as the inspiration for this short.As usual, a wonderful little piece.

Until i arouse from my sleep again,