Reviews for "Stage Fright"

so basicly girl get stage fright and cant preform so instead of running of stage crying like a normal person with FEELINGS!!! she decides her only option is to burn everyone to death wow !!! that girl has major issues!!!!

That was unique

I was expecting something really dark or scary to happen, but it never really did. At least you continued to use the fantastic style of animation you are known for. I am familiar with your work and this didn't make sense to me. I guess it was probably supposed to be creating drama, but it was hard to tell. It kind of reminded me of "The Black Swan" one of the best thrillers that I've ever seen. The spookiest part was when the audience appeared as monsters.

I'm sure we have all gone through something like this when having to appear on stage. I entered a talent show once and won second place. I haven't known you to ever have stick fights in any of your submissions. Maybe we can all learn somewhat of a lesson from this. It's just so nice to look back at all the great stuff you have made.

I love this

Very artistic.

holy shiet!

its carrie all over again

hot heads....


they must have been very pissed when seh done nothing