Reviews for "Bloodsucker"

kick ass

excellent flash cant wait for ep 2, remindes me or Hellsing for some reason...

Excelent artwork!

Every single one of those backgrounds look like it took an hour to draw, very heavy with details. And the motion of the characters really makes them more life like. I think the sound could be improved a bit, and I'd like to hear some voice acting if it fits into the story, but the BGM definately sets the mood. Plus it's nice to see a vampire hunter who doesn't mess around with a wooded stake, and just blows their heads off! I eargerly await part 2.

It kicked A#!

you should make somethin with humor because youre good at makin movies


that was kickass! i totally can't wait for the sequal.

it was ok

it was fucking slow at some bits tho and got really boring