Reviews for "Bloodsucker"


Dude that rocked, make part 2 ASAP

holy shit

that remined my of vanhelsing for werid reason

i liked it

wonderful job, i really enjoyed that one. i cant wait to see more, keep up the good work.

Way cool flash.

I love this form of animation. The only problems I saw were how slow everything was. But Im sure it was all part of the illusion. Another thing was the bandanna he wore. It would have been cooler in my opinion if it was blood red and wrapped around his head kind of like solid snake's. You shouls also have a scene selection because I wanted to go back to a few things. And that cross he had was way cool looking but couldn't he have repelled it with the cross on his back? I loved this flash and would seriously suggest that someone watches it. You should throw in some werewolves because I dont see enough werewolves in flashes. Great job.

Time hero

spacejelly responds:

the crucifix is supposed to be a blessed object, and has much more power than a cross stiched on the back of a jacket. and werewolves are my favorite monsters! why arent they in here!? John Talbain should make a cameo

Pretty damn good

At first glance it seems like some stick figure movie, but the style in this submission is excellent and the sounds give it a creepy, but fitting, ambiance. i hope the next episode will be even better.