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Reviews for "Sabermania"

Just a suggestion:

I love the game; just one suggestion...I've played the game a lot and i wish i could just skip the intro...more playing time ...;)


THAT my friend...is a masterpiece...and I especially LOVED the music and graphics...Keep it uP!


very good but easy i beat every one with out being tuched :) make them faster my jedi reflxis are faster then eney ones :) lol mu hahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahah the sith will rule again!!!!!!!!

awesome game

one of the best games on NG (IMO). im pretty good at it, i can make it through story mode without taking a single hit^^ but it gets annoying that you can only hit them after they attack you. you should make it so you can make a starting attack that they cant block 100% of the time.
just a suggestion


I love it! The only problem was I started playing and when I looked up at the clock it was three and a half hours later, I was that into it.

P.S. You should make another!