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Reviews for "Sabermania"


My guy wouldn't block and I was having to swing outside the window constantly to do any sort of damage, and it was still insignificant.

I'm using a Lightsaber and it's stiil AMAZING!


You can't look away

This game just can't be ignored, it's a redundant and frustrating game, but you can't help but love it, the characters are likeable, the combat is smooth, and it works well for me, but maybe not so much for others, I like the lightsaber mode more, it's more realistic, even though I hate realistic video games, such as sports games, whcih are simulations.


half cheating

well...the controls are hard to master but the game cheated,i fully blocked an attack while it still hit so either its a glitch the game cheated


but the enemies deal major damage compared to you.It's like i got a tooth pick instead of lightsaber.And later on it gets repetitive.