Reviews for "Sabermania"

Uh, yeah...

So this is what I think:

Pros; +Sweet graphics, +Nice appearance, +Good amount of characters, +A little addictive, helps burning some time.

Cons; +Bad quality, +Limited amount of costumization, dude, let us get creative, +Bad gaming style, +Repititive combat, +Boring gameplay, +No plot at all.

So, try to make it better. Didn't want to make you feel to bad so I rated it 7, tho normally I would rate it 5. Still, nice thing to play for a little while.

I basically, quitted after battling the black/grey dude with the yellow and orange thingy on his head with the dumb mask. Be creative.


I love everything about this game, there is no way to improve it.

Maybe try again.

I think you should maybe give this another shot, because it's a brilliant idea at it's core. A first person lightsaber fighting game? Awesome.
A first person lightsaber fighting game that becomes super repetitive five minutes in, has terrible artwork, and embarrassing writing? Not so much.
This was submitted in 2005, so I guess maybe some of that isn't entirely your fault? I'd say this is due for an update. Maybe get an actual staff working on it? Actual writers and artists and shit? I'd play a revised Sabermania. I'd play the hell out of it.
This? Eh.

How did this "game" even got here

I don't even know where to begin to explain all the flaws this game has.
Sorry dude but this needs ALOT of work.

Steep Learning Curve but Entertaining!

Normally I'd rate this about an 8, but seeing the zeros I couldn't help but help even them out a little :P Anyway, cool concept, it has a very arcadey feel to it, as in this is how I would imagine a light-lightsaber game would be in an arcade (minus the mouse and plus one lightsaber controller of course). Hard to get the grasp at first(and the shrinking of the screen with the HUD isn't helpful) but fun enough to warrant a playthrough. Nice job bro! (b^.^)b