Reviews for "Sabermania"


Lightsaber are a must of 80s nostalgia... this game develops a sort of alternative future where they have become reality. An interesting way to make an original citation of Star Wars... graphics and music are functional, the gameplay it is not that easy, but overall the game works well.


That guy underneath just ripped off the A.V.G.N. ..... FAIL.


I STRONGLY disagree with the guy under. This is a GREAT game. The only problem is the controls are a little difficult.(I'm playing w/o mouse too and the only REALLY hard person was the boss duhhh)

Good game, but buggy

Pretty original concept, graphics are mediocre, gaemplay is... "acceptable".
I have however come across many instances where each time i HIT the enemy(with the animation of him being shocked and all), he GAINS health instead. thus never-ending matches. that is ridiculous, and should be fixed immediately.

solid gaming

you did well padawan the graphics are mediocre the gameplay was nice cuz even if u know what all thier attacks were the could still catch you off guard. i started the game on level 8 got whupped like 4 times then finished whuppin everybody with darklands and seeing as darkness is the best i didnt bother with anyone elses story good job