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Reviews for "Sabermania"


This game sucked, you can't block attacks WHY DO THEY STAND WHERE YOU CAN'T BLOCK THE FUCKING ATTACKS?

My main problem with a good game like this...

Is how come when you get hit, the AI can pull off 2-3 hit combos that you can't block if you were initially hit, meanwhile you can swing left and right just before they swipe, and they take absolutely NO damage, or can only take ONE hit per swipe?

Bad Playability....

Good Game, seems like a ripped off concept to me, and it sucks that the opponents always are in the far corners where its really hard to block because your mouse has nowhere to go. If that was fixed it would be good. But it still seems kind of a rip-off, Im sure that you meant it to be like that but whatever. Could have used more of a storyline as well...But good job


Great job man. Although I had a little trouble swinging too far, it was a pretty nice flash. Keep it up.


ALl my 5's and if it was possible 10's R BELONG TO THIS KICK ASS GAME! Like Ronin or however you spell it... If you add things like double teaming your character or something, it would make it better, or a guy with double lightsabers like Darth Maul