Reviews for "Tea Party"


Simply epic

On to the part where the little girl yammers on about rainbows and butterflies, all while the Wizard sips the steam off of the cup and enters battle mode to protect the scene from an onslaught of card soldiers...

Exquisite piece through and through. I love the storybook elements you thrown in while simultaneously managing the essence of steam punk. I like how you made the genre your own by throwing in the magic-blue energy.

This is a prime example of how crossing genres and stories can and should be done in art. Favorited.

Ravicious responds:

Thank you for the well-written, constructive feedback and your thoughts on this piece! These kind responses have really exceeded my expectations! Thank you!

Wow. That is unreal. Amazing style and nicely created!

I love this type of art's theme. So calm, yet so adorable.