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Reviews for "Tails and his GBA 2"

Great work

U planing on making a 3 btw sry but I some how reviewed Tails and his GBA the first one on mistake go figure lol.

Anyway going to see the first one so great work on this flash later!

RupeeClock responds:

Heh, I might, I might not, depends, anyway I glad you liked!

Yay! Another episode of the GBA!

This movie was a little longer than the first part. Are you going to make some more movies like that? There was that part when there was the Chaos Emerald Clock talking what happened to Tails and knuckles. The character sounded funny and I seen one of those clock characters in Atomic Bar. At the end of the movie of Metroid scared me because there was a wierd-scary voice, but they put the picture very late. If it wasn't that mistake, then I would of got more scared. Good movie. Do another. this time with Amy. Plus, don't forget the other characters. Good luck.

RupeeClock responds:

I don't know if I'ma gonnna keep making these, but if I do another i'm definatly using Tails and Amy.

As for that weird scary voice, you haven't seen many of the clock crew flash have you? Or eskimo bob? XD The lateness was no mistake, blame flash there, making it it came out sync'd but when I export it...


Btw, that ain't no Chaos Emerald Clock, that's RupeeClock. (Does that even look like a chaos emerald?!)

These are great

These are good i like them and keep going and you say "Whats a gustman" he's from megaman 1 old game but this movie funny hahahahaha. 10

RupeeClock responds:

Uh, right...

Again... another great movie!

Wow! I reckon you could use some other games (if there is a next time) like pokemon (:P) or Final fantasy tactics or harvest moon (remember the N64 version??) or even Spyro or Yu-gi-oh. Please make some more?!?! PLEASE??

RupeeClock responds:

If I were to make another, which I don't intend right now, I would be doing Pokémon and Megaman Battle Network, no doubts.


i liked the way you appeared as Rupee, and the irony was funny, plus i like sprite movies

RupeeClock responds:

Fun fact, this was made before I became RupeeClock, lol.