Reviews for "Tails and his GBA 2"


Alright, I feel I need to give you a very good review since you gave me a great review. Other than the fact that you gave me a good review, this flash is indeed very good, especially there was Metroid in it this time! :D That's what I mostly liked this flash. Seeing Samus in this flash and a Metroid. That's what I loved in this flash. Oh, and the Chaos Emerald clock (I think it's emerald). That was really good!

Another good part of this flash was the 8-bit part with Homestar Runner, Sonic and Tails. XD That was very good! :D The Zelda part I wasn't too interested in, but overall, it was a very good flash! Brillirant work FrOzEn_FoX. :D

RupeeClock responds:

Thanks! Seriously I appreciate this! A great review and it actually explains why!

Btw, it isn't a Chaos Emerald Clock, that's my idea for RupeeClock. :)

And I can see you were too interested in Zelda, which is of course why I gave a choice between two games, eh? Eh? ;)

I liked the 8-bit part also, seeing Strong Bad get sword'd!... Wait, Homestar Runner didn't even appear in the flash, yet I still made those 8 bit sprites for him. XD

In short, lol kthxbai!

Very, very good.

The graphics were well done (even if they were just sprites. Point is you used them well.), the music was well coreographed (the number of movies I've watched today where the music doesn't fit and ruins the movie... ugh.) and everything went together nicely. Even the clock. I don't quite understand people's obsession with those things, but whatever...

Incidentally, the Zelda scenario was my favourite, but they were both very good. Nice work.

RupeeClock responds:

Thank you!

Yes, there are some sprite movies that don't make sense, the sprites have a white background around them, look like jpegs, and there's some sort of "Final Fantasy battle music" going on in the background when the flash is mario and stuff, I try to avoid that. XD

I'm glad you liked it. :)

Good Once More :D

If you made another it should have Amy rose or Shadow in it XD

RupeeClock responds:

I don't know about Shadow, he'd probably just gun Tails. XD

I'm not intending to make another, but if I do, definatly Amy Rose. ;)