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Reviews for "Tails and his GBA 2"

This for Tails and his GBA 1..

The easter egg is...
1.when the scene is when the door opened,sonic ran to inside.. when sonic appear in tails back,click tails face..
2.it'll be instant if you select scene 2 from scene select...after that,sonic will say:"So this that you want show?"Quickly click the radio!FAST!


Hey this is Zelda a link to the past good game choice for this one

my story in my way

nice vid!
Knuckles:Heya tails um... sonic told me about that GBA of yours....
Tails:yeah!Can i use the MASTER EMERALD???
*Glass breaking sound*
Knuckles:what did you say?*mad:) this will be fun...)
Tails:ahh!!Umm... go sonic battle!Oh! crap!
*record scratch*
Tails:zelda...aw ****



ok its preety good

its ok i guess