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Reviews for "-Funkalicious-"

This Song Is Awesome!

I've never been a fan of funk, but this is incredible. I can totally see this being played at a jazz club or on the radio. Truth be told, I was in a pretty miserable mood when I started listening, but I perked right up by the end of the song. Also this reminds me of Seinfeld.

Thank you.

ChrisisD responds:

Thats just awesome! Glad I made your day a bit better!! I heard the thing about seinfeld... I listened to it, and well its just a slapbass in the beginning... just as mine! :P Thanks!

Get some friends together

Perform this. It'll be better.

Also calling funk unpopular is wrong. It's probably overall more popular than trance, which floods the audio portal. Basically, if you take this beyond MIDI to actual instruments, you'll automatically be 100 times better than nearly everyone here

Except me of course, but I have years and years of experience so that's not even fair


This was pretty good and i dont really even like funk songs

pretty funky!

this has a sweet funk feel! im grooving while i write this so its gotta be good! keep up the good work man!

great song!

great song! cool