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Reviews for "-Funkalicious-"

Smooth, well made, and a joy to listen to.

We really need more songs like this on Newgrounds. Never, and I mean NEVER, stop making songs. You've got a gift at this. ;)


The bass pattern, as an accompaniment, should be softer. It covers out the lead portion in certain parts.

Also the pause in the middle stops the flow of the song.

Nice composition with the piano.

It truly is


Its Funking Sweet

I'm not a big funk fan but this is pretty good has a great rhythm and I love the slap bass.

A Newgrounds gem!

This song is definitely funky, and I absolutely love the drums sounds you used. The note choices are really great, and everything is mixed perfectly. The slap bass sound is flawless, the piano glissando, the shakers in the background, it all sounds great man. I also like the dynamics in the song where you play quietly, a nice touch. This truly is funky, and as a drummer it's always been one of my favorite genres of music. Did you play everything live, or was this arranged in music production software?

- Arron -

ChrisisD responds:

Thanks for all the positive words!! Nah this is just me and my piano... I did show it to my band and we're going to make a song out of it! But thats in the future ^^ Funk is indeed by far my favorite genre to play, so much freedom and the groove is just great. Happy music!! Thanks man! Greets!