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Reviews for "-Funkalicious-"

Nice one

I usually can't find too much funk, this sure suffices for it though, a pleasantly paced beat makes it desirable as well. I don't want to pry, but what program did you use for this? I don't know much about audio, so a little know how would be appreciated. That's more for me though, so I digress...
Good job all the same.

I can dig this!

Awesome, mellow and smooth. I like it. NO...I love it. keep it up! Lol.

<M.A.P. 1385>

phat cat

i diggggg

awww dude

usually all i listen to is trance. but any song with an epic bass line will alllllways be a good one to me. this goes further. crazy piano backing up the sick bass line. nice job and as i believe someone else said we need funkalicious songs here on NG so dont stop makin this stuff.

My kind of music.

I made an account just so I can leave a review for this.

I absolutely love what you did with the keyboard/piano. I don't think there really is anything wrong with this piece. If ANYTHING, the bass sticks out a little more than it should throughout the song.. But that's just me. I mean, music is interpretation by the composer/player, so keep doing what you do.

Don't stop creating music, you definitely have a knack for it.

Good job.