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Reviews for "-Funkalicious-"


Nice baseline dude. Love the song. *dances*

What program do you use?

ChrisisD responds:

Thanks man! glad you like it!

oh damn

shit yo this is awesome how did you do this in 30 minutes?!?! keep it up YOU ROCK!!!!!

I can't help but to dance to dis funky fresh tune!

A sick baseline, a nice beat, and great keyboard work all made this song get me out of mah seat and start dancin'!

Nice job!

5/5 10/10

ChrisisD responds:

Thanks man! Yeah the baseline is my favorite! My band liked it as well so we made a song with it. (Outrageous is the demo of it) Glad you like it!!
Greets, Chris

Nothing bad I can say about this song!

It was really great, I can't find nothing bad about it. Keep it up mate!

P.S. - Liked the name, considering I named one of my songs "Psychedelicious" It's not very surprising XD

yup. respect.

I'm so glad I find songs like these on newgrounds. They're very energetic and happy and awesome. lately I've been listening to a lot of DragonForce and it's starting to appeal to me that their songs are pretty much the same. I got sick of the band after a couple of other funk songs then I ended up listening to this awesome song. from now on I am a fan of the funkalicious funk music. ^_^

ChrisisD responds:

Haha thanks man!! There's nothing better then some nice happy funk!! It's awesome to play and to write. I play in a funk band called Fun King Lear in the Netherlands. It's awesome. We only play songs we've written so its all really orriginal. The bassline used in this song is used in one of our new songs.
Glad you like this song and the genre!!
Greets, Chris