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Reviews for "Lego Skatepark"

this sucks mad ass

that sucked. kick flips heel flips any flips would be good or even a dark slide.

Good try

could have been a little better if there had been a continuous song and not the same byte played over and over...also the clay dude only skated around and didint do any tricks with the board...not much effort when ur jsut moving him inch by inch and taking shots...but good try overall


It would have been much much better if you had made it the tiniest bit like a real skatepark. Instead you have him in loops, circle things, and spinning on top of weird steep pyramid blobs. It still was ok, it just could have been alot better though.



lol why....

I like LEGOs!

Cool.Awesome.Nifty.Yes,nifty.Righteous.Sweet.Rad?Maybe even
Strongbad RAD?I liked it.Do some more.Just TRY HARDER!

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Don't worry I'll try way harder next time.