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Reviews for "Lego Skatepark"


This is good but the images are a little dark, and the music is too repetitive in my opinion...
Otherwise this is really cute and I like it a lot!

Deadly-Shadow responds:

I'm gonna get a less repetitive song for the next one.


That was funny!!! aeswome sound too.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

=D Thx


This looks better than your other movies? id hate to see what they look like...

not bad

This movie was alright. The length is good, but try adding more frames for some smoother motion, as well as making the moves a little more realistic. Also work on making your clay look a little better for props.

not bad

a good idea but you could have spent more team developing your art skills with the clay lol. Maybe the rails could have looked more than big turds.