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Reviews for "Lego Skatepark"


not too bad legomation, but mixing this one with skateboarding wasn't all that good though.


aw3som3, d00d

pepper tears the streets!
i think there was some vert in there, too
well, anyways, nicely done!
i thought it was cool, and ya got skills, so if ya put a story in there, and NG'ers like it, then i think you'll get a much higher score!

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Thx :D


Very nice made, awesome idea to make this =D

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Thx :)

Fairly good

Pretty good, much better tahn most of the crap in the portal - Pretty good animation skills used

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Ya, it kinda makes me mad that movies that acctully have had effort and are decent score under 2.00 but horrible god awful trash that took 3-4 minutes to make get a score of 2.50.

It´s really good!

Very good.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Thx =D