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Reviews for "Lego Skatepark"


That just made me laugh so hard...but in a good way. Great job. Some tricks were impossible which is what made it so funny. It made my afternoon!

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Thx, yeah a lot of those tricks probably are impossible!

not the best

if you can name all the tricks he did, ill give you a 4 on the vote. and im a skater, so dont think you can fool me either.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

These are the tricks I know he did Natsa spin, tail grind, nose grind and spins.

Good effort... but that's about all that's good.

You did ok with regards to stop/start animation, but it was not very entertaining, which is what watching skateboarding tricksters is supposed to be. I'm no skater myself, but I think you needed to do more than just grinding and spinning. Also, make the setting look better; I would suggest using more lego in the video and less plastiscene. Add some sound effects, get better lighting, and better music! I would leave the music till last, concentrate on the motion and quality of the setting and animation.

Better luck next time!

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Well I dont have much Lego to use to build a skate park but I can try to add kick flips. I also have way better music.

shabby or not shabby that is the question.

pretty decent. the only thing that I didnt like was the music. it looped, it was annoying and it skipped. and like MasterIvan said you could have used real tech deck skate ramp miniatures.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

O.K. about the sound I downlowded some awsome songs in the audio portal so the sound won't be annoying next time. About it skipping I couln't fix that. Also I don't have a Tech Deck ramp.


kinda choppy, and u could have at least used real skate ramp miniatures or something. Also the music skipped alot.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Unfortunatly I don't have any skate ramps. And the music skipping was an accident.