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Reviews for "Lego Skatepark"

Nice Preloader Even Though You Didn't Do It

This I would have to say is your best movie made so far. The only thing that bothered me was that the song got a little repetative. There were a lot of things that you used to make the legoman do stuff. I mean a lot of ramps. Anyways great job and I hope to see you make more stuff soon. :D

Deadly-Shadow responds:

I would have used a different song but I didn't really have anything at the time to use. I really wish I would have looked in the audio portal at the time and used something from there. Oh well, it's too late now but I still wish I did. Thanks for the good review!

haha, this was wierd...

but cool nonetheless

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Thanks for the good review! I don't really get how it's weird though.


not bad, not bad, but mabye the clay ramps could be substituted...................


...good music
ramps made of clay
could be better could be worse...

Pretty Good

Really good,make a better one with different music and people

Deadly-Shadow responds:

I'm not making a second.