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Reviews for "Lego Skatepark"

I liked it.

Although it may not be allowed on Newgrounds because Tom Fulp was almost sued by LEGO® so he can't have LEGO things on it. I liked it though. but make the skate park a little cleaner, no all blobby

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Tom Fulp almost got sued? I didn't see that you can't have LEGO movies in the rules though.

i enjoyed it

better than most clay movies, pretty well done.


Wtf is this? That is soooo gay


Wow great skating movie with lego. its a nice demo. Good creativity you should be getting a decent skore for this nice submission, keep the lego powa coming :D

Deadly-Shadow responds:

I think this shuld have a way higher score than it does now


Pretty good but mainly grinding, you've could use some sounds for riding and grinding or something

Deadly-Shadow responds:

You can't really do flips and stuff cause you'll see youre hand.