Reviews for "AJ + WS - Funeral for a Freak"

pretty good

all u really need are lyrics. i keep forgeting that this is an instrumental.

Well u got my last vote for the day.

4/6 8/10 Really nice beat u two should work together more often, I see a lot in your future's if this is your passion.


1) Starts off way too slow.The intro ends at 1:20, quite suddenly too.
2)It then continues monotonously again to 2:40, where it gets slightly more interesting but still monotonous.
3)That continues to around 4:30. Nice violin, or whatever that is - should've had a larger part throughout. But then it quickly goes back... >.> and continues like that to the end.

... Not to be harsh, but that's mostly boring. This is as if this NEEDS something or someone to spice it up, like a rapper with some more mixing. I'd go for that.
All in all however, it didn't hurt my ears, it was just a bit drowsy. Cheers.

war-spawn responds:

The mixing is just right for rapping, hence why it's repetitive. I already got lyrics to it, just need to get around to recording and posting it.