Reviews for "AJ + WS - Funeral for a Freak"

this jawn is trill

long live spawn......nuff said

Sick Beat

The intro lead perectly into the main of the song. Terrific job WS. \m/

Well then...

So many scales to judge by.

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit . I think that's the first thing that came to mind when I heard this. Phat track.

White boy scale? Somewhere between Ill and Chuck Norris. Can't fuck with this.

But seriously... You remind me of what would happen if the man that drops beats for Immortal met Zero7, and a shitload of oldschool vinyls dropped off the back of a truck, with a bottle of whiskey.

Excellent stuff man, keep at it.

10 10 10


msn clip xD

im pretty sure u showed me the beginning on msn ;) really nice choirs you got there. did u use the same sample in the second part for the bassline? sounds like you cut it into 1sec or less pieces and pitched it down. also the metalish sounds are great and i really like the way you change thing while making hiphop. I am trying myself to get some fresh and different sound into the hiphop ap (it really begins to bore me how common the tracks get here) but my last try combining hiphop and drum n bass ended up in an industrial piece (actually just what hiphop + dnb is imo) and i really gone to hard on it i guess. but im working on something new right now that ill release in a few days. boy u gonna digg this

the slow tempo and the bassline make this track sound really strange with the vox sample and the metal sounds in the background. but its unique and different and thats good for me so keep it interesting pal