Reviews for "AJ + WS - Funeral for a Freak"


Though its very slow pace, its quite a catchy song, though it is kinda repetitive, not bad...

yadda yadda!

Getting a few reviews in before work. Another pretty damn track by you and another great top 30 song. Great work here by the both of you! Everything flows and just sounds amazing. What i've come to expect from ya'll.

Keep it up!


Well u got my last vote for the day.

4/6 8/10 Really nice beat u two should work together more often, I see a lot in your future's if this is your passion.

pretty good

all u really need are lyrics. i keep forgeting that this is an instrumental.

Now this,Is non-sarcastic EPic!

Sounds like it should be in the beggining of a Movie.And I mean a movie movie.The rest is for a different version for Boyz in The Hood