Reviews for "AJ + WS - Funeral for a Freak"

I always loved Funeral for a Freak but the AJ update is ill

MF Doom, is that you?

This track reminded me a lot of my kid days back in the ATL listening to beats on weekends. This track also reminded me of MF Doom and producers of the like. From the vocal samples to the leads and choirs, this reminded me of their work a LOT. Not a bad thing, mind you.
Love the samples and breaks used in this. Very relaxing and chill. I'm curious to know: Were you two thinking about Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, or something like those two while collaborating on this? That's what this whole track reminds me of. It has that kind of feel to it to me. It starts out with the old school detective/whodunit mystery feel, then heads into the Dracula-esque feel. I think this would do better as two separate tracks, believe it or not. At 1:18 is where is should split, because that's where the idea changes (and stays for the rest of the track). Just a thought. Good collaboration. Hope to see some more from each of you in the future.

Great beats

I'd really like to see this turned into two separate 3 min. instrumentals.


You're awesome. This sounds like some MF Doom stuff. I love it!

This reminds me of...

An old-fashioned Detective-style theme.