Reviews for "SMW: Mario's Flower Power"

short, sweet, and to the point.

Laughing doesn't just feel good, it makes you good. So to the maker, I bow to you for making me laugh. although, i do hope that you make some more like this. along with the hats, the feather, the suits, and all the other mess up powers the mario had and we love using in our childhood. we need more! *Laughs evily* on last request though. put one in with either yoshi, peach, or toad. there are times I do wish that they would all fry.

Good for a short laugh

I like the way he blew up.

Not bad, not good

The Luigi movie was better, but meh.

@battleonfan, just 'cause you like Mario doesn't mean everyone does.

an insult to mario

mario is the best and you just crossed the line. i hope mario comes to life in your home and burns you like a marshmallow yo piece of shit

that shit is mad funny!

i don't kno y everyone says its bad