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Reviews for "quick shot"

Definitely something to play agiain and again

:D Very enternainting game. Fun!!!


its an okay time waster, but only for a couple of minutes. Its nothing extreme but hey, its somewhat different and in its simplicity its okay.

kewl i liked it man

The only problem i have with these games is the backgrounds and graphics. I think it would be pimped if b4 the game the player could choose a background and a crossair. Also when you get in to the higher levels make the target actual object or animals or something. If you need an artistical assistants I would be more then glad to help. Just instant message me my screen name is Senore Frylock on AIM or thehominid450 on yahoo


That was really horrible, but addicting. I lost on level 28.


Not a great game but you did something fun, juste keep it up, add some music, make a story, or something like that, add moving target and other thing maybe be useful. But seriously keep it up, Continue to submit.

jimmy responds:

thanks for the review... and yeh i should have added some music to it