Reviews for "No Point"


I... like it.

hope it gets frontpage

Everblayde responds:

Wouldn't that be cool?

i loved it

that was asome plz do more keyframeanimations i also do key fram animations but they arn't as good as that i have been doing flash for 2 years oh plz respond to this wats ur email

Everblayde responds:


Thanks a lot for the compliments I love this weird style of frame by frame animations. It's a whole lot of fun to do.

um..words in trhe first scene?

all I saw of words were everblayde, I <3 U, and stupid stick (all before the credits that is)

Everblayde responds:



I <3 u too

Everblayde responds:


wow :l

this is the second best FBF movie ever... i liked the music... i think you had a good pick in the music and you should continue makeing flash!!!