Reviews for "No Point"

Its Bad

For a 4 hours work its ok but its realy bad


this is really cool stuff man everyone should watch this! :P i liked the fact that the lines created words and all sorts of stuff it was really cool!
keep up the good work man!!

Everblayde responds:

thanks, i'll try

What's the point :-P

This makes like no sense at all, but it's fun! And very addictive to watch. :-) Cool song. I Couldn't find many hidden messages, only 'I love you' a couple of times. It's kinda fun, but try putting more patterns in it than floating and hopping lines. It kinda made me feel like i didn't quite understand it... More images, less weirness thus!
Keep up the god work though.

Greetz, FySRaL

Looking Good!

Pretty good for a "pointless" FBF! Some very nice ideas indeed, enough frames, and, especially a GREAT underlying tune that fits the rhythm of the animation very well. Very catchy music indeed :)


I actually liked it, it hasn't got a point indeed, but it's still a new kind of animation on newgrounds. I think people will try this techniqiue too now that you've used it.