Reviews for "No Point"

not too bad

I started watching it and thought that it was going to be good. But it actually turned out descent with some good rythm. Maybe a bit too long because I found myself getting tired of it towards the end, but I actually enjoyed this one.

Everblayde responds:

Trying to make sure it wasn't too short

New Artist is Born!

Hail to Everblayde!
I realy enjoyed this one!

Everblayde responds:

A new artist is born huuurraayy!
Who is it?


I... like it.

hope it gets frontpage

Everblayde responds:

Wouldn't that be cool?

one of the best flashes i've ever seen

im serious, and i've seen alot. ignore the previous reviewer, what a numbskull

Everblayde responds:

I'm glad you think that way, thanks

Not Bad... (-_-)

I've seen much worse in the past 24 hours.

Not great.

B.Jaxx=Hurrah! That song really helps elevate the feeling of motion and energy that you're supposed to get from the flash. Nice choice, there.

Have a tolerable day.