Reviews for "No Point"


That was a really nice movie. Good rythm, cool style...

Good job!

Everblayde responds:

Fun to make also

i loved it

that was asome plz do more keyframeanimations i also do key fram animations but they arn't as good as that i have been doing flash for 2 years oh plz respond to this wats ur email

Everblayde responds:


Thanks a lot for the compliments I love this weird style of frame by frame animations. It's a whole lot of fun to do.

Yeah...it was different...

...But good, i enjoyed it.
I thought the music fitted it good.


That was really cool, and the music went along well with it! You've got some good flash skills there! :D


i am so easily amused. I watched the whole thing...

NINJA!!!!! \m/(>.<)\m/

Everblayde responds:

haha it seems that a lot of people are easily amused... I love the ninja!