Reviews for "No Point"


it was pretty random overall, but it was a pretty good animation.... almost hard to believe that this was created in only 4 hours. usually those kind of movies get blammed, but i'm glad that this one didn't get blammed. it was pretty cool.

Everblayde responds:

Thanks, I love the frame by frame.


Pretty nice for 4 hours. I love the style of it all, how the lines travel and form. Nice job, keep it up. All i can suggest is complex shapes next time with those lines.

Everblayde responds:

more complex shapes, alright, they look better and take longer, I guess more time = better score? hehe


that was pretty hypnotizing. Nice job!

Nuts, just plain nuts

For having no point, that sure did kick ass. There really is nothing else to say about it.

Everblayde responds:

Thanks, I love when my pointless animations kick ass! Woohoo!

Got it

Subliminal...... hehehe, no one can stop the proclaimed frame-by-frame-animation-viewer!!1

Everblayde responds:

Haha great job!