Reviews for "No Point"

lol pointless but very well made...

pointless true lol...but nicely executed and well done. very funny. now if only i could make flash like that lol (best ive got(and im scared to submit on here lol) is a snow man that you move around lol)

Loved it.

:) This was enjoyable. WHY CAN'T I DO THIS?? Great job! Keep it up.

wow :l

this is the second best FBF movie ever... i liked the music... i think you had a good pick in the music and you should continue makeing flash!!!

It really had no point.

The animation was quick and good, and the drawing wasn't bad either. Good job.

appealing but nothing special

For frame by frame work well done.
Compared to other animations it just doesnt hold though.
but I guess for 4 hours of work well done.
graphics ya get a 9, just because I liked the little dots, worms or whatever the fuck they were.
Try adding color.