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Reviews for "Terminal (a new beginning)"


10 stars for sure, metal all the way! \,,/

Seriously very nice, you guys will be a hit further along ^_^


Fucking good shit here.
Heard a couple production issue scratches and shit...but otherwise a badass fucking song.
Thanks for sharing, motherfucker.

Current Score

4.53 / 5.00 (+ 0.78)

Fucking good shit.

Drums are a bit over compressed and vocals are too upfront, need to be duped then each needs to be panned opposites sides about 50-60%. Other than that, it sounds CD ready.


Dont you love it how on NewGrounds EVERY SINGLE PERSON is an expert

Im 17 with 32 years experience

But yes the rerecording will be alot better

Very Awesome.

Rock on guys, this song owns. Srsly.

TheParadoxUnseen responds:

Horns up bro!